Vertical Growing

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The team at Sun State Organics has committed itself to the future of efficient, self-sufficient, nontraditional gardening and farming. Our efforts have produced a revolutionary approach to vertical growing. Finally, a vertical growing system flexible enough to allow limitless combinations of light, grow media and nutrient choices suited to anyone’s imagination. Portability, flexibility, scalability and efficiency are just a few of the highlights in a feature rich product line.

Grow organically, hydroponically or aquaponically  - but the differences don't end there. It's fully adjustable, flexible and able to grow more using less anywhere - indoor or outdoor - on or off the electrical grid. With various emitters, geo textile bags and different pole lengths you can achieve virtually any growing result effortlessly!


VGS 100 VGS 400 VGS 200 VGS 300

Vertical Growing

Vertical Growing System Vertical Growing urban farming Urban Farming System Growing System

Download a Vertical Growing Brochure Here