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We are proud to announce we are now the exclusive distributor in the State of Florida for the finest Continuous Flow Composters made in the world - Vertal. Click here for more information

Agriculture has never been so profitable.

Do you like Organics? Hydroponics? Aquaponics?

Our Vertical Growing Systems grows more crops in less space and does it organically, hydroponically or using aquaponics.

Our Vertical Growing System is portable, flexible, modular, scalable and dynamic. You can use any media, any light source, any nutrient, grow the most extensive variety of plants, and it can be used inside or out in any weather or geographic location - on or off the grid. 90% less water, energy and labor is required to grow more in less space. So whether you want to grow with organics, hydroponics or with aquaponics - now you can do it all using one system.

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Our systems enable you to turn waste organics into energy, fertilizer and food. Interested in our integrated solution on how to turn waste  back into food?

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Sun State Organics Vertical Growing Systems

Agricultural Systems for organics, hydroponics or aquaponics

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