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Sun State Organics Vertical Growing Systems are unrivaled in the industry. The team at Sun State Organics has committed itself to the future of efficient, self-sufficient, nontraditional gardening and farming. Our efforts have produced a revolutionary approach to vertical growing. Finally, a system flexible enough to allow limitless combinations of light, grow media and nutrient choices suited to anyone’s imagination. Portability, flexibility, scalability and efficiency are just a few of the highlights in a feature rich product line.

Organic gardeners will love our vertical growing system having full control over their food supply. Hydroponic gardeners will find the vertical growing system compatible with their existing irrigation pumps and tanks. We also provide various lighting options for enclosed operations. Anyone desiring a self-sufficient lifestyle can easily incorporate our vertical growing systems into their survival plans. Literally the possibilities are endless.

Around the world people are finding our vertical growing system to be the easiest to use, the most flexible and able to grow the broadest range of spices, fruit, vegetables and herbs under the sun. Even the brownest of thumbs are turning green using our vertical growing system.

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Vertical Growing

Vertical Growing System Advantages

Our Vertical Growing System is portable, flexible and dynamic. You can use any media, any light source, any nutrient, grow the most extensive variety of plants, and it can be used inside or out in any weather or geographic location - on or off the grid. 90% less water, energy and labor is required to grow more in less space. Vertical Growing Systems reduce the cost to consumers for food that is safer, more nutritious, more delicious and provides stable local jobs. They herald in a new era where young people can learn a skill AND make money - more than in the stock, real estate or gold markets.

Our sustainable agriculture system converts organic wastes into plant food. The plant food is pathogen free, parasite free, with no weed seeds and is a sterilized, high nitrogen, 100% organic fertilizer. All issues concerning food safety and food security are addressed in this end to end solution that makes sustainable agriculture possible on a large scale without the use of fossil fuels, supply chains and middlemen. Since you make your own potting mix, fertilizer and seeds and no fuel or tractors are needed, our sustainable agricultural solution benefits the environment through carbon sequestration, water reduction, space reduction and reduced gas emissions.

Our Vertical Growing System is modular, scalable and able to grow more food per square foot than any system. Our growing systems are multi level and incorporate the latest advances in automation when it comes to growing, caring for and harvesting food. Combine our Vertical Growing System with our range of fully articulated rotary composters and vermiculture reactors and you have the most comprehensive solution to managing your organic wastes and turning them into profits quickly.

We designed our Vertical Growing System for people who don't have a tractor, don't have a green thumb, who want to be able to grow a broad range of crops effortlessly because they have no time to tend to anything more in life. We know you don't want to be bent over in the hot sun getting dirty - neither do we! Our Vertical Growing Systems are so simple children operate them and think they are the coolest things ever - so will you! Take the seeds and stuff them in the soil, set the timers and sit back and watch something that will not only blow your mind but also feed you. We're not talking about food grown in chemicals - not talking about food that's old and been touched by who knows what - not talking about colorless, flavorless or bland. What you will grow is food that tastes great and will keep you coming back for more. Don't have time to run out and get a salad - no problem - pick it and eat in whenever you want.

Our Vertical Growing System allows you to grow multiple crops in one system without changing a thing. There are no solutions to mix, no packets to open every few days, no supplies you have to order from us ever again, and we have alot of add-ons to our system no one else has ever even thought about yet. You can deal with lots of companies to get a system that can't really be integrated and be at their mercy forever growing tiny herbs in a glorified trickle down unregulated mess or deal with one centralized source that has the ability, imagination, knowledge and skills to bring it all together in one unified solution that is elegant.

Our sustainable agriculture facilities are often coupled with waste to energy technologies to power our systems. These system convert biomass, tires and plastic into low sulfur diesel fuel or electricity. We use this energy to power our growing lights and advanced climate control systems to achieve a level of efficiency that is unrivalled. We use 400 watt electrolodeless induction lights with sun compensating ballasts to ensure our plants are provided with the best light under the sun. Not only do we have the advanced technologies to power the food chain - we also have the power to convert organic waste back into soil and nutrients rapidly. No other company in the world offers such a comprehensive list of capabilities when it comes to organic conversion. Give us your waste today and we will feed the world tomorrow.

Our solution is simple - Through empowering people to achieve sustainable agriculture and urban farming it is possible to grow more using less that is of higher quality and higher nutritional value.

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